To Retailers

Message to retailers and their agents

This website has dedicated audience of shoppers around the world and hence there are a range of opportunities on offer to showcase your brand and products to new or existing markets.

The website targets Russian speaking audience globally, not only in Eastern European countries. However we do have most direct day to day contact with shopping community in Ukraine.

We stand for mutual benefit of retailers and consumers by fulfilling their needs.

What we can do:
  • Showcase your brand, products, new launches, current promotions on this website
  • Mention your brand, product or sale on social media i.e. Instagram
  • Offer your product samples to audience as trials or teasers
  • Deliver your product samples from London to end consumers in Ukraine faster than any conventional courier and for a fraction of the cost
  • Deliver any sizes of perfumes and nail varnish from London to Ukraine
  • Advise on market specifics in Ukraine etc.

If you see an opportunity for yourself please drop us a line at

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